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7 Shopping Tips for Children’s Shoes

It’s a fall ritual—new shoes for the first day of school. At Paul S. DeMarco, DPM we want to assist parents in choosing shoes that will help ensure good foot health for your child. Here are some important points to remember before hitting the stores:

  1. Time Your Trip—Did you know feet are their largest at the end of the day? That’s why it’s best to shop later in the afternoon or evening to ensure shoes will always feel comfortable.
  2. Be Prepared—Make sure your child is wearing the socks he or she will wear with them on a daily basis.  Also, if a child wears a brace or orthotic insert it’s essential to try new shoes on with these devices in place.
  3. Get Professional—It’s important to have your child’s foot properly measured by a footwear professional.
  4. Big Foot Wins—Most children have one foot that’s bigger than the other. The shoes you buy should fit the bigger foot.
  5. Leave Wiggle Room—Toes should be able to move freely in the shoe and there should be a thumb’s width (about ½ an inch) between the end of the toe and the shoe.
  6. Take a Hike—Have your child try on both shoes and lace them up appropriately and then walk around the store for several minutes to make sure the shoes are comfortable. There is no such thing as “breaking in” period. Shoes should be comfortable from the moment you walk out of the store.
  7. Perform a Quality Inspection—The best shoes are made of natural, breathable material. There should be firm arch support and heel counters but flexibility in the front of the shoe. Check the inside of the shoe for any loose stitching or rough spots that may cause irritation.

If your child has any foot or toe deformities or is recovering from an injury or other foot condition, make an appointment with our podiatrist, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco at our Somers Point office by calling: 609-927-4894. The foot doctor will examine your child’s feet and make recommendations if particular shoes, inserts or other accommodations are necessary to protect your child’s feet. Proper fitting shoes will help prevent injury and harmful foot conditions.