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Complete Foot & Ankle Treatment & Diabetic Foot Care

Say goodbye to pain with foot and ankle treatment from Paul S. DeMarco, DPM, LLC in Somers Point, New Jersey. Let us examine your foot or ankle to detect early stages of disease or diagnose and manage severe and non-severe conditions.

Services & Procedures

Whether you have warts, suffer from plantar fasciitis, or require specialized diabetic foot care, we can help. We provide treatments that prevent certain conditions from returning. For diabetic patients, we are experts at stopping severe foot problems before they worsen.
Foot Rub - Diabetic Foot Care

Foot & Ankle Conditions We Treat

• Arthritis of the Foot & Ankle
• Bone Spurs
• Bunions & Bunionettes
• Calcaneal Fractures
• Chronic Tendonitis
• Fasciotomy
• Heel Spur Syndrome
• Pronation & Supination
• Skin Conditions & Infections
• Sprains & Breaks
• Wound Care & Management
• Heel Pain
• High Arched Feet 
• Ingrown & Fungus Toenails
• Neuromas
• Nail Disorders
• Tendonitis
• Tendon Injuries
• Hammertoes
• Stress Fractures
• Ulcers
• Warts & Tumors
• Nail Avulsion
• Toe Fractures
• Foot Infections
• Fungus
• Metatarsal Pain & Fractures
• Nail Disease
• Neuromas (Nerve Swelling & Pain)
• Pes Cavus
• Pes Planus
• Plantar Warts
• Plantar Fasciitis
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Laser Treatments

With Cutera™ GenesisPlus™ laser treatments, you no longer have to hide your feet. This FDA™-cleared procedure effectively treats unsightly fungal infections of the toenails.

Sports Injuries

Don't let a foot or ankle injury hold you back. Let us provide you with the treatment and rehabilitation you need to get healthy and back in the game. Our doctor is very experienced in the area of sports medicine, and regularly treats patients with foot and ankle pain that worsens during certain activities.

We Also Offer

• Orthotics
• Aesthetic Options
• Matrixectomy
• Diabetic Foot & Ankle Care
• Foot Surgery
• Sports Medicine
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