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Exercises for Foot Pain

Does your job require you to stand on your feet all day? Do you eagerly look forward to going home so you can finally get some rest? You’re not alone. Many jobs especially in customer service, sales and advertising require you to stand or travel a lot each day. This inevitably puts a great deal of stress and strain on your feet.

Heel and toe pain is quite common in adults and it is caused by plantar fasciitis. Running, walking, standing for long periods of time, and foot injuries can add pressure on your heel and toes. There is a thin ligament that connects your heel to your front foot called the plantar fascia. Daily wear and tear and strain can cause swelling and pain.

Simple exercises can help you relax and unwind at the end of the day and alleviate your pain. These exercises can easily be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home and best of all, they are not time consuming.

Home Exercises for Foot Pain

Flex & Point

While seated on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you, gently point and flex each toe as far as you can.


Squeeze each toe 5 -6 times to strengthen your toes.

Sitting Stretch

Spread your legs wide in front of you, and hang your head between your legs. This not only gives you a full stretch but also increases blood flow and energizes your whole body.

Knee Bends

Practice bending your knee while the other leg stretches straight in front of you.

Standing Stretch

Stand up straight and stretch each leg on a wall.

Foot Massage

Give yourself a foot massage. Find a thick moisturizer or foot salve and in a seated position, thoroughly massage each foot. Pay attention to your toes and heels and around your nails.

Wrap your feet with a warm towel to infuse all the oils into your feet. Keeping your feet moisturized and soft helps to prevent foot problems such as corns, calluses and hard heels.

Blissful Bath

Add Epsom salts or regular kitchen salt to your tub filled with warm water. Hot water releases tension and provides you with major relief to the sore, achy feet.

Home exercises and remedies are helpful in relieving and preventing minor pain and discomfort but can’t treat chronic foot pain or plantar fasciitis that does not go away. If you experience pain in your heels or toes that does not improve, it is advisable to consult with a board certified podiatrist.

Visit Dr. Paul S. DeMarco, board certified podiatrist who treats men, women and children at his state of the art facility located in Somers Point, New Jersey. Dr. Paul S. DeMarco and his helpful staff will help you manage your pain and teach you best practices so you can take care of your feet in the present and in the future. Request an online appointment today or call us with any questions at (609) 927- 4894.