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Foot Protection at the Beach

Summer days mean many of our Atlantic County patients will be enjoying days at our Jersey shore beaches. In order to ensure it’s a fun day for your feet too, we at Paul S. DeMarco, DPM want to remind you pack these items in your beach bag:

Flip Flops—although strolling on a sandy shore seems like the perfect summer activity, it can be hazardous to your feet. Sharp shells, glass or other debris can cause a cut or puncture wound if you step on them with bare feet. This is an even greater risk if you are a diabetic patient with neuropathy because the lack of sensation in your feet may prevent you from realizing that something has cut or punctured your skin. If you do have an open wound on your foot, don’t go in the water. Bacteria present there may cause an infection. Other risks to walking barefoot include: Jellyfish stings and burns from hot sand. If the injury is serious or you are diabetic, contact our Somers Point office for an appointment with our board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco right away.

Sunscreen—for some reason, people often neglect to put sunscreen on their feet. Your feet are just as susceptible to sunburn as the rest of your body—in fact, often even more so because they spend so much time covered up. If you are lying out in the sun, you should apply sunscreen to the tops and bottoms of your feet with the same frequency as you apply it elsewhere.

Sneakers/Athletic Shoes—beach volleyball,  ultimate Frisbee or running in the sand are all great fun and great exercise but can result in a foot or ankle injury because the sand moves in a way that pavement and grass fields do not. Wearing sneakers or athletic shoes with proper arch and ankle support can greatly reduce your risk of injury. If you have weak ankles or another previous injury, ask the podiatrist about taping your foot or some other preventive measures you might take.

Small First Aid Kit—it’s a good idea to have a few basics: tweezers, antibiotic ointment and band aids on hand just in case there’s a minor mishap so you can clean and cover the wound to keep it from getting dirt or sand in it.

If you have any concerns about taking care of your feet this summer, contact our office at (609) 927-4894.