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Give Your Feet A Summer Vacation

Summer has finally arrived and along with it comes hot and humid weather that can make your feet uncomfortable. With over 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, perspiration is impossible to avoid. Swelling may also occur if you are on your feet for a long time. At Paul S. DeMarco, DPM we know you can’t give your feet the summer off but there are some ways to help ease hot weather woes:

Breathe—choose natural fibers like leather that stretch, flex and mold to accommodate the shape of your foot. This allows for air circulation and the ability for your feet to “breathe” and move naturally without restriction, thereby reducing friction, blisters and rashes.

Rotate—don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row. Dampness from sweat mixes with bacteria in your shoes resulting in odor and increasing your chances of getting athlete’s foot and fungal infections. By giving shoes a chance to air out and dry you will reduce the risk of infection.

Bottom of Foot

Adapt—pick shoes with laces, straps or ties that can be adjusted. On hot days when you have walked many miles or been standing for long periods of time and your feet swell it’s very helpful to be able to loosen your footwear to make it more comfortable.

Investigate—if you are participating in a sport this summer: tennis, running, volleyball or softball, for example, be sure to find shoes that are designed specifically for the activity. Different fitness activities require different movements of your feet and the right shoe will give you the best performance while minimizing your risk of injury.

Fix—remember, pain is never normal! If you find that a part of your toe, foot or ankle is sore or aching or you notice something that seems abnormal, don’t put off finding out what’s wrong. Contact our Somers Point office for an appointment with our board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco by calling: (609) 927-4894. Most foot and ankle conditions will only get worse without treatment and can have you sidelined for a good part of the summer season if you delay in seeking care.