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Have You Got A Love Fracture?

What’s a love fracture? You must be thinking that this implies to the condition where one is suffering from a broken heart or has been dumped or rejected by their beloved. But, a love fracture has nothing to do with love, this is just the common name for a heel bone fracture. A love fracture is a fracture of the calcaneus or your heel bone, which happens to be one of the most frequently injured bones in your feet. Calcaneus fractures don’t happen from just tripping on a stone or bumping or colliding into an object. They are caused by a high-impact and high-energy collision where other parts of the body are also injured, such as a fall from height or a motor vehicle accident.

How do you get a Calcaneus Fracture?

The calcaneus can be injured in many different ways. It can get cracked or fractured depending on the degree of stress and impact. A fracture in the calcaneus is caused when a person is involved in a fall from a high height, an accident or a twisting injury. A calcaneus fracture is serious and may cause long term problems. It warrants immediate attention by a board certified podiatrist.

Are all fractures the same?

No, there are several types of calcaneus fractures:

  • Open Fracture - An injury where broken bones go through the skin and also cause damage to other muscles and ligaments. There fractures take a long time to heal.
  • Closed Fracture - An injury where broken bones don’t go through the skin but cause damage to internal soft tissues.
  • Stable Fracture - An injury where the broken ends of bones remain aligned and in place at the time of the fracture and through healing.
  • Displaced Fracture - An injury where the broken ends of bones do not remain in place and are separated and can only be put back together after surgery.
  • Comminuted Fracture – An injury where bones are broken into multiple pieces and the break is very unstable.


Symptoms of a Calcaneus Fracture

You may suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Mild or severe pain
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Bruising marks
  • Trouble walking
  • A deformity in the heel
  • Limping


When to see a Podiatrist

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms as a result of a recent injury, whether it was a motorcycle accident or a fall from a tree, it is imperative that you meet with Dr. Paul S. DeMarco, board certified podiatrist who is an expert at podiatric surgery in Somers Point, New Jersey. Dr. DeMarco will examine you and perform all the necessary tests to accurately diagnose the exact type of fracture you have. It is also important to tell him about any health conditions you have such as osteoporosis or diabetes and if you are on any medications. Call us today at (609) 927-4894 to learn more about treatments or book your appointment online to start your healing.