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How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Sportsmen, athletes and gymnasts lead very active lifestyles. They are constantly moving, running and exercising. Their professions also involve the need for ongoing muscle training to improve their physical fitness and endurance levels. Therefore, it comes by no surprise that they are also the ones who are the most susceptible to foot and ankle injuries. Take a look at some of the most common sports injuries and how you can avoid them through care and caution.

Prepare for your Game

  • Stretching - Be sure to warm up and stretch before and after every activity.
  • Training - Be sure to rest between training sessions.
  • Orthotics - You can use orthotic devices such as custom insoles to prevent the toes and ankles from injury or compression bands for the ankles and wrists.
  • Shoes - Wear the right type of athletic shoes for your sport.

Preventing Football Injuries

Football is a high risk, fast paced, and high-impact sport. Players have to run, tackle and block. Football has the highest risk of injury. Knee injuries, ankle sprains and strains are the most common.

  • Warm up before and after practice and games.
  • Wear the appropriate football gear: Helmets, collars and padding
  • Always use the proper technique when tackling or taking hits to prevent injuries to the body.
  • Avoid exerting yourself when in pain or after an injury. Get adequate rest.

Preventing Basketball Injuries

Most basketball injuries occur in the foot and ankle due to sudden force or impact such as falls, trips and stumbles. Sprains and trauma are the most common types of injury.

  • Wear basketball sneakers with skid resistant soles.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid playing in extreme weather conditions
  • Schedule routine physical exams
  • Have a routine fitness schedule
  • Avoid over-training or over-playing. Take time off if needed.

Preventing Gymnastics Injuries

Gymnasts usually suffer from lower body injuries that are seen in the feet, ankles, knees and wrists. They are caused by stress due to the repetition of movements in gymnastics. Serious injuries can cause fractures.

  • Wear the proper gymnastics safety gear - wrist guards and grips, footwear, braces and pads
  • Warm up before and after each session
  • Examine all the equipment for safety
  • Make sure you land on padded floors or mats
  • Have a spotter when you’re training

Preventing Soccer Injuries

Ankle injuries are the most common in soccer as it is a contact sport and most injuries take place during collision.

  • Wear the proper soccer gear
  • Wear soccer cleats
  • Wear shin guards
  • Wear ankle braces to prevent ankle sprains and turf toe.

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