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Is Your Fitness Plan a Good Fit for You?

It’s post holidays and many people are trying to find ways to get and stay in shape. There are many factors that help make the difference between a successful fitness plan and one that fails. At Paul S. DeMarco, DPM, we treat many patients for sports and exercise injuries. Over the years we’ve learned quite a bit from out patients about getting fit. Here are some questions to ask yourself when designing an exercise plan that’s more likely to succeed:

  1. What are my goals? Are you looking to lose weight, not be huffing and puffing when you go up stairs, or run a marathon? Knowing what your fitness goals are will help you determine the best program to achieve them. Talk to others who have achieved the goals you wish for and see what worked for them.
  2. How can I avoid injury? Consulting your medical care professionals is always recommended before starting a new exercise program. When it comes to your feet, our board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco, will examine your feet and ankles and make recommendations for you that will protect your foot health. If you struggle with Achilles tendonitis, for example, a stair climber is not the right piece of exercise equipment for you. A foot exam can also reveal gait and pronation issues, which can be eased by the proper shoe choice. If you have a current foot condition or have previously injured your foot or ankle the foot doctor will be tell you what to do to protect the affected area.
  3. What do I enjoy? If you’re a social person, choose a group fitness activity such as a spin class or neighborhood walking group. Do you like to work out indoors or would you rather be outside? Will being on a team keep you more accountable?
  4. What are my time constraints? One of the primary reasons for fitness plan failure is convenience. Don’t commit to a plan that is difficult to work into your schedule. That pool membership may look like a great deal but think before you sign up if you really have the time or inclination to drive to the pool, change, swim, shower and drive home 3 times a week. Choose an activity that you can put on your calendar each week and is actually reasonable to do.

Once you’ve chosen a plan, do your best to stick with it. And, if you do start to experience any foot or ankle pain or discomfort, contact our Somers Point office immediately. Pain is not normal and should be checked out by the foot doctor as soon as possible.