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Preventing Common Foot Health Problems in Winter

Every season brings its own unique set of foot health challenges. During the cold winter months, we at Paul S. DeMarco, DPM see an increase in the conditions below. Learn how you can help prevent these winter weather issues.

Ankle Sprains: When the thermometer goes down, the chance of slippery conditions in Cape May County goes up and that means a greater chance for ankle-damaging slips and spills. Be sure to choose routes into stores, the office, etc. that are cleared and salted, wear flat shoes with textured treads and don’t overload on carrying items that can block your view.

Xerosis—This scary sounding word is just another name for extremely dry skin. Overly heated rooms lead to dehydration and dry skin. This condition can cause skin to be red and very itchy. Left untreated, blisters can form and cracks or fissures in the skin may develop which can be entry points for infection. Drink plenty of water and use an extra-rich moisturizer on feet daily. Intensify the moisturizing effect by putting a pair of cotton socks to sleep in after applying the moisturizer.

Fungal Infections—Although many patients associate fungal infections with summertime when they spend more time barefoot, the winter season finds feet shut up in warm socks and shoes or boots for long periods of time—the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections. Gyms, locker rooms and pedicure salons provide ample opportunity to come in contact with the fungi that cause the infection.

Achilles Tendonitis—In an effort to jump start New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get in shape many patients tend to overdo new fitness routines. Choose a program that starts out slowly and gradually increases in time and intensity. Always stretch before and after exercise to avoid inflaming this tendon.

One of the best ways to prevent minor foot concerns from becoming major issues is by contacting our Somers Point office at the first sign of a problem so our board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco can evaluate your condition. Putting off dealing with a foot health problem almost always reduce in a worsening of the condition and the need for more intensive treatment. If you have any foot concerns, call us at: (609) 927-4894.