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Protect Your Feet on Tropical Vacations

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With the gray days of New Jersey winter dragging on, we at Paul S. DeMarco, DPM are hearing from lots of patients that they are planning an escape to a tropical climate. Don’t let what should be a warm and relaxing break get ruined by a foot injury.

Below are some ways to protect your feet while enjoying a sunny getaway:

Start with Comfortable Shoes—as much as you’re looking forward to sandals and open-toed shoes, choose a pair for travel day that are comfortable for walking. Inevitably the airport gate you need to get to is at the far end of the terminal and the last thing you want to do is start your vacation off with a painful blister. Plus, the walking shoes may come in handy for a day of sightseeing or shopping.

Pack a Foot Aid Kit—make room in your suitcase for some basic care items such as nail clippers and an emery board for taking care of nails that break or become jagged. Bandages and antibiotic ointment are good to have for minor cuts or scrapes. A small piece of moleskin could save the day if you find you’re starting to develop an irritation on one spot of your foot.

Use Flip Flops—those are three words you won’t hear us say often. Our podiatrist, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco, has treated many patients who have injured their feet while wearing these unsupportive shoes. At the beach or pool, however, they are not only appropriate, but they also provide protection against cuts and fungal infections, which are spread by direct contact.

Don’t Feel the Burn—many a tropical vacation has been ruined by sunburned feet which made it impossible to walk. Apply sunscreen to the tops (and bottoms if exposed) of your feet as frequently as you do to the rest of your body. Remember that the sun is much stronger in southern vacation destinations, even when you are just out walking or shopping. If your feet are exposed, they need protection from the sun.

If despite taking precautions you end up with a foot injury or notice any signs of infection when you return, contact our Somers Point office for an appointment by calling: 609-927-4894.