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Protect Your Feet This Winter

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Each season brings its own challenges when it comes to the health and well being of your feet. At Paul S. DeMarco, DPM, we’d like to offer some advice for protecting your feet during the winter months:Prep for Winter Sports—before heading out to enjoy some fun in the frosty air, check your equipment. Be sure ice skates and ski boots are not worn out and that they lace up securely to provide adequate ankle support. If you have not participated in winter activities since last year, take the time to do stretching and strengthening exercises before you start.

Keep Feet Dry—feet that are wet or damp provide the perfect breeding ground for fungal toenails and athlete’s foot. If you are going to be outside for any period of time or engaging in winter sports, be sure to have a moisture wicking sock closest to your foot to remove perspiration from your skin. Change your socks as soon as you notice that they are damp and use a foot powder if you tend to perspire excessively.

Prevent Ankle Sprains—always be aware of the condition of the surfaces you are walking on. As temperatures drop, sidewalks and driveways can become suddenly slick. Look for shiny spots that may indicate an icy coating. Wear boots or other appropriate shoes for the weather that have a good tread to help you avoid slips and falls. Don’t carry so many packages that you can’t see what’s in front of you.

Rotate Your Shoes—it’s a good idea to not wear the same pair of shoes or boots for several days in a row. This gives shoes a chance to air out which can help eliminate foot odor and reduce the risk of fungal infections.

Get Help if Feet Hurt—if you believe you may have injured your foot or ankle or you notice a nagging pain or stiffness has developed, don’t wait. Make an appointment at our Somers Point office as soon as possible. Our podiatrist, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco, will want to examine your foot and order any necessary laboratory or imaging tests to track down the source of the discomfort and treat it promptly. Call us today at: (609) 927-4894.