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September 22nd is Fall Prevention Awareness Day

Every 11 seconds, a senior adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall related injury. This is a startling statistic and we at Paul S. DeMarco, DPM want to do our part in educating patients on how to help prevent falls. If you or someone you know is an older adult there are ways to reduce the risk of falling. Consider the following tips:

  • Take care of foot problems promptly—one of the major causes of falls is foot pain that has not been diagnosed or treated. Don’t put off making an appointment with our podiatrist, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco if you are suffering pain in your toes, feet, or ankles. Trying to compensate for pain can cause changes in the way you walk which can lead to a fall.
  • Review medications with your physician—sometime medications or the way that medications interact with each other can cause dizziness. Confirm dosages to make sure you are taking the proper amounts.
  • Wear good shoes—ones that offer good support, a non-slip tread and that are fitted properly to your feet. Avoid high heels, shoes that are too big or floppy slippers which can be a tripping hazard.
  • Exercise—you can improve your balance, flexibility and range of motion with an appropriate exercise program.
  • Have your eyes and ears checked—good vision is essential for avoiding trips and falls and ear issues can affect your balance.
  • Give your home a safety makeover—remove piles of magazines and papers from the floor; make sure electrical cords don’t cross walkways; install non-slip treads in showers and on stairs and hand rails on both sides of stairs; upgrade lighting, particularly near stairs.

Falls are not an inevitable part of aging. You can help yourself and the older loved ones in your life protect themselves from fall hazards. For more information on this or other senior footcare issues, contact our Somers Point office by calling: (609) 927-4894.