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Those Feet Were Made For Dancing

Dancing is not only a great form of exercise but also a great way to unwind, relax and have fun! However, professional dancing can cause a lot of strain on your feet due to the long hours of training and rehearsals for shows and performances.

Rumer Willis, daughter of the famous actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is a well-known celebrity, American actress and singer. She is also the winner of the 20th season of “Dancing with the Stars,” a show we all love dearly. Rumer recently suffered from multiple stress fractures on her right foot while on tour which caused her to delay her Broadway debut in “Chicago.”

Stress fractures happen when there are tiny cracks in the bones due to physical stress or increased strain. Symptoms you may experience are mild to moderate pain with or without swelling. Stress fractures can also happen in other parts of the body such as the arm, spine or ribs. Often times, stress fractures may heal on their own or with rest, but if you suspect a stress fracture, see a board certified podiatrist immediately. Minor physical activity or exercise could cause further complications by adding more stress to the injury.

Dr. Paul S. DeMarco is a board certified podiatric surgeon who focuses on severe and non-severe foot and ankle problems and has successfully treated many runners, athletes and dancers. After a careful evaluation, Dr. Paul S. DeMarco will provide you with the treatment and rehabilitation you need to address stress fractures, sprains and other foot injuries.

Treatments may include using a walking boot or a support brace, physical therapy or in high-risk cases, surgery.

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