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Tips to Prevent Blisters in Children

Do you check your children’s feet regularly? Foot and ankle problems in children can often go undiscovered. Young infants and toddlers cry a lot, but did you ever think that your child may be crying due to foot pain or discomfort in their feet or ankles? Check your children’s feet every time you give them a bath or change their clothes. If your child is old enough to talk, don’t dismiss them when they say they don’t like their sneakers or don’t want to wear a certain pair of shoes. They may genuinely feel pain or pinching in their heels, ankles or toes in those shoes. Ask your child questions so you can rule out whether they are hurting or just being fussy. Pain in the feet or ankles is never common and should not go unnoticed or untreated in children.


Blisters are very common in children and adults and are usually caused by tight or ill-fitting shoes and friction. Blisters can be seen on the palms, fingers, heels and toes. Blisters can be very painful and they usually appear as small bumps in a circular shape on the surface of the skin and may contain blood or pus. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent and treat blisters and keep the little ones out of pain while crawling, running and playing.

Home Treatment

Many blisters go away on their own. However, you can speed up the healing process and relieve minor aches and pains caused by blisters right at home:

  • Wash the blister with mild soap and water.
  • Apply ice to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Do not pop the blister and keep it dry.
  • Apply a bandage or moleskin tape if a blister is draining or if it pops.
  • Check for signs that the blisters are spreading with redness or getting larger.
  • Consult a board certified podiatrist.
  • Switch to a different shoe than the one causing problems.

When to See the Doctor

If your child’s blister looks infected or if your child is acting out of character and appears sick, call your doctor right away. It is important to get your child examined by a board certified podiatrist immediately.

Dr. Paul S. DeMarco is a board certified podiatrist who specifically focuses on children’s foot and ankle problems and you can be seen and treated right from his beautiful office located in Somers Point in New Jersey. Dr. Paul S. DeMarco and his staff will evaluate your child’s blisters and advise you of the best treatment and drain the blister if needed. He may also prescribe antibiotics for pain relief. Our staff will also recommend the best kid’s shoes and teach you what to look for when shoe shopping for children.

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