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Treating Warts on Your Feet

Feet Warts - Ankle And Foot Care in Somers Point, NJ

Warts are these irritating little bumps which can grow on any part of the body. They form on the surface of the skin due to a common skin infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus can enter the body through cuts, cracks in skin or by direct contact with a person who has warts. Anyone can get warts at any time of the year and it is best that you always have it treated.

Warts on the bottom of the feet are called plantar warts. They are tough to spot as they appear on the heel or ball of the foot. They grow inward due to pressure from bearing weight, which can cause a certain level of pain and discomfort.

Plantar warts are contagious. If you see early signs of a plantar wart forming, don’t let it get any worse. Talk to your podiatrist and have your foot examined. The earlier you detect and diagnose this condition, the more options you have for treating it.

Here are some treatment options that can help get rid of warts:

Medication. Topical treatments containing acids may be used to remove the warts. This treatment may take two to three months.
Laser therapy. During this treatment, a local anesthetic is applied followed by a laser for the removal of warts.
Freezing (cryotherapy). This treatment requires application of a cold substance (liquid nitrogen) to the wart. This is used to freeze away the warts for removal.
Surgery. In some cases, it may be necessary when the wart fails to respond to other treatments.

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