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What You Need to Know About Athlete’s Foot

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Fungal Infection of the Feet

Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a common skin disorder. It is a fungal infection of the skin on the foot. Once you get it, it spreads very quickly. The infection generally occurs when you wear closed footwear for extensive periods. The sweat provides a warm and moist environment for the fungus to grow and the name comes from the fact that athletes are more likely to get it.

Men More Likely to Get Infected

Anyone who is exposed to the fungus can get infected. The fungus thrives in warm, dark and moist settings, which is usually the three elements that your footwear provides, depending on the level of activity you do. If you sweat a lot, give your shoes time to dry out before you put them on again. Also be sure to change your footwear from time to time. Athlete’s foot is more widespread in males than women as men usually wear shoes and socks for longer periods of time.

Here are a few common symptoms of athlete’s foot:

  • Itchy feet.One of the common symptoms of athlete’s foot is an itchy rash between the toes. You probably have an infection if your feet are experiencing stinging, burning and itching.
  • Rough skin. The skin appears rough, scaly and reddish.
  • Lesions.Cuts in the skin cause discomfort and pain. There is a strong odor as a result of the infection. The infection can spread if not controlled properly and can spread to your nails, making them hard and yellow in color.

Consult Your Doctor Immediately

It is important that you go see a foot doctor right away if you have a rash on your foot before it gets any worse, as it can quickly spread to other parts of your body.

If you suspect that you may have symptoms of athlete’s foot or would like to have more information on the subject, visit Paul S. DeMarco, DPM and see our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Paul S. DeMarco. You can contact our Somers Point office by calling (602) 927-4894. We serve the Atlantic and Cape May County in the New Jersey area.